Steve Naus and Brett Kusters - Milwakee, WI

"We were anxious to find somewhere to learn about the city and culture away from all of the chaos of vendors selling things and noise of cars passing. We decided to take this coffee tour and it was the BEST decision we've made! Great people, great food, and great place in general! Gracias para todos!"


Tyson Johnson - Miami, FL

"The tour provides a comprehensive coffee experience full of history. The hacienda has been owned by the same family for over a hundred years and it is amazing to see their dedication to their craft. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and of course the coffee tasting is delicious! It is a very short ride from the city. You won't find a more convenient tour if you are staying in the city. You likely won't find a better tour-period. The lunch and the tour are well worth the price."


Nicolas - Gibraltar

"Very beautiful place with lovely and friendly people. Great place to experience the whole process involved in coffee making - from being shown the planting of the tree, picking the red coffee beans, drying, learning about the different types of coffees, to finally the tasting of different beans. This plantation has been run by the same family for seven generations. The tour includes a lovely home-cooked lunch in the family home. Great experience and highly recommended  even if coffee isn't your thing."


Bo Schawinsky - St. Joseph, MO

"Touring La Casa Grande was a wonderful experience. They showed all the stages of coffee growth including planting, picking, fermentation, drying, and re-planting. I would strongly recommend this tour and the beautiful scenery at this coffee hacienda."


Venture with Impact Team - Worldwide

"Muchas gracias por todo! We were so grateful for the incredible hospitality and delicious meal. The farm tour was very insightful - we learned so much about the process of coffee farming. We also loved learning about the history of the family and beautiful home. We highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Medellin or Colombia. Thank you for the coffee tasting and teaching us about the different types and qualities!"


Greg and Lina Robertson - Atlanta, Ga

"I want to thank you for the 'hands-on' experience on the coffee farm. I enjoyed getting my hands dirty and loved the fresh coffee after lunch. Elizabeth and Esteban are very friendly and very knowledgeable of the coffee process. I will remember this experience for a lifetime."



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